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Fairy House Figurine used for inspiration.

Fairy House Figurine used for inspiration.

Congratulations - you have made it to a magical place. The Enchanted Fairy House is an inspirational design turned real life by artist Billy Dillard. Browsing through Powell's Book Store in Portland Oregon he came across a small porcelain figurine in the shape of a gnome or fairy house. Imagining what it might look like inside of the figurine he decided the best, and only way, to truly find out would be to build his own life-size, twelve foot tall version. 

It all started with a chalk circle drawn on the pavement to outline the foundation of the fairy house. From there Billy used miscellaneous materials found in his workshop to bring the build to life.

"I envisioned it to look as though fairies built the house using what they could find around them in the forests, fields, and what not," says Billy about the build, "nothing with too straight of an edge or that looked like it was milled. Fairies have their own style and I wanted to make that evident. All very 'fairy'."

With all the negative, unkind happenings in one's life, he hopes that the fairy house will be a positive inspiration for children and adults to reignite their imaginations.  Billy fondly likes to say, "Friends and family members make comments about my putting way too much time and detail into the build. Sure, but I will continue on with the dream until I have it completed!"


I knew it was time for me to build something magical. Something to bring a little happiness and joy into people's lives.” - Billy Dillard


Stained glass window and stained glass sculptural flowers on fairy house.

When viewing the Enchanted Fairy House you will notice that there is something eye-catching and attention-grabbing everywhere you look. From large chainsaw carved mushrooms to small wooden sculpted mushrooms; power carved ivy leaves with metal sculpture vines, individually carved wooden shingles on the roof resemble pinecone petals; and a wood stem adorns it all. 

To truly make the build stand out and create a unique window and door Billy attended classes at Design Lite Studio to learn stained glass technique.

Among stained glass, Billy also learned fused glass art that was used to design the Fairy House door. 

At heart Billy is an instructor. He uses a wide range of media and techniques from chainsaw carving, power carving, air brushing, metal sculpture, to sculpting with epoxy to name a few.  He hopes that by following along and exploring the build of this Fairy House you can find a useful tip or learn a new skill.