Enchanted Forest Inspiration

Enchanted Forest here in Oregon is a great destination for inspiration.

Humpty Dumpty

The head tinker loves Enchanted Forest for this reason along with others. He is inspired by everything at this magical place! Sometimes you have to just get close to something magical to get your imagination flowing again.

After close observation, he noticed moss and ferns growing in some unusual places, roof fascia boards, the top of faux rock walls, and of course tree limbs, to name a few. This is most certainly a mystical hangout for fairies of many shapes and sizes.

Following the grand children and seeing the way they really got involved with the environment got the Head Tinker to notice how the parents stand back and watch as the children have fun. The rabbit hole was intriguing enough that the head tinker had to give it a try himself. So following the grand children, off he went; disappearing just like Alice disappeared down the rabbit hole! It didn’t take long to realize crawling along on the cement tunnel would be much more comfortable with some much needed knee pads! But, there was no stopping or backing out. The head tinker was committed and made it through, Yeah! The little ones make this tunnel look so easy and they can make it through at blazing speed.

While regaining composure the head tinker wondered when does it happen that grown-ups seem to lose their ability to have fun like the children. He hopes that will never happen to him. Why not have fun and enjoy yourself when the opportunities arise?

One of the incredible things the header tinker noticed was the ability of the man who created this fantasy paradise to use ordinary cement (that most the time you may not pay any attention to when you’re walking on it as a cement sidewalk, unless you don’t have it and you’re walking in mud) to create all the amazing storybook structures. The faux rock and the big beams created by carving the texture into the cement at the right moment to catch the detailed look the craftsman was after. This is truly a labor of love and if you really take time to look, you can see it.

Another great themed spot was the cave like atmosphere with the waterfalls falling from one little pond to the next. This is a place steeped in magic. It must have caused the creator a lot of sleepless nights figuring out the exact look the craftsman wanted. The head tinker knows from experience that your first, second, sometimes third plan goes through adjustments to come up with that magic look and feel you are after. What would it be like to be able to talk to this fellow? What stories would he have to convey? What were his biggest challenges? How many times did he feel like he bit off a little more than he could chew? Well, I know I’m glad he didn’t get discouraged and give up when things got tough. This man was able to build this wonderful place for current and future generations to come, to enjoy, to capture their imagination and to touch their hearts.

Thank goodness for his courage and determination to create this dynamic realm of enchantment. If you haven’t been to the Enchanted Forest just south of Salem, here in Oregon, mark out the time on your calendar and go get inspired, let the child in you explore and experience all that is there and awaken your relationship with cosmic forces at work at this mystical place.

Tree Spirits Home

Can you spot the perfect place where shy tree spirits might call their domain in this picture? Can’t you just imagine a family of tree spirits flittering around such dwellings found in nature?

The head tinker found some very important inspiration here. Now he knows what to do to finish off the Mason jar windows in his Enchanted Fairy House! You will have to check back in the near future atenchantedfairyhouse.com to see how it turns out.

Tree Spirits Home

What a wonderful way to spend a day at the Enchanted Forest with three generations of our family and friends. The head tinker looks forward to the next time, when he will get to come back and spend time at this delightful place with enchanted dwellings and spiritual gifts of nature. His request is for you to take time and enjoy life!

Head Tinker signing off

Billy Bear