Fernie Brae Gallery

The place to be if you're looking for anything fairy.

Fernie Brae Gallery

The faeries leading me to the Fernie Brae Gallery. If the owner- instructor at Design Lite Studio in Portland, Oregon, only knew what path she would be sending the Head Tinker down by giving him the fantastic book by Brian Froud, “Good Faeries, Bad Faeries”. Well, if she reads this she will!

This magical path the head tinker travels, with its twist and turns, has and continues to be full of surprises and so far only good ones to report. Life can be extremely interesting and can have you wondering at times are there other paths that exist that we either don’t know or don’t wish to acknowledge.

You may enter this world accidently or possibly intentionally which could take you down paths you never imagined traveling. This seems to be the scenario happening of late with the Head Tinker.

When given “Good Faeries”, the Head Tinker first thought was to look at the pictures for inspiration and reference material for adding a little more magic to the enchanted fairy house he is building. Once going through the book, he decided to read a bit of the book. Thank goodness he did!

Brian Frouds way of writing is nothing short of magical all by itself, without mention of the beautiful pictures of his art work in this timeless classic book about good and, oh by the way, bad faeries as well.

Brian’s work has opened an amazing world — a new world for the head tinker. The book is indeed exactly what was needed. Brian’s work is amazing. Did I say that already? Well it’s worthy of repeating!

While doing an online assignment for the Head Tinker’s class, he ran across a site that had mentioned Brian Froud’s work with a link to his website along with another link to Fernie Brae Gallery in Portland, Oregon. That grabbed the head tinker’s attention! Portland, Oregon, fantastic! The Head Tinker could go visit this gallery, the Fernie Brae.

Have you ever looked forward to going to a new place and were so excited only to get there and be totally disappointed? That was not the case at Fernie Brae Gallery. The Head Tinker knew as soon as he walked into the door that this was exactly where he wanted to be!

The Fernie Brae is not only a gallery, but a gallery totally devoted to everything faery. The gallery carries a fantastic selection of books of Brian’s along with other incredible artists in their own rights. Once you walk into the gallery, you will see something enchanting in each nook and cranny. The Head Tinker was on a mission, a mission of fantastical discovery. The gallery is loaded with subjects to study for inspiration while being surrounded by a variety of enchanted mystical works of art from one of a kind art pieces to mystical sculptured faery creatures.

Wendy Froud is one of the artists displaying some of her wonderful figurative sculptures. Wendy’s ability to catch all the minute detail is nothing short of miraculous! This lady’s work is breathtaking. She has captured elements of the faery realm with intimate knowledge of her faery subjects. The materials chosen for clothing are anything but mundane. The textures flow, changing from one element to another. Oh wouldn’t it be nice to know her secrets of how she made the choices of fabrics, how to cut and fit the pieces to create the look for her creations which draw you into the world of faery.

The Head Tinker was so inspired by Wendy’s work, and other artists work there at Fernie Brae Gallery that he now intends to incorporate some of his own magical, mystical creatures of fantasy into the work of the enchanted fairy house.

The Head Tinker also took notice of other very interesting pieces of art only to find out that the work is by Toby Froud, Brian and Wendy Frouds’ son. The Head Tinker thought how nice it would be to sit down and chat with Toby since he lives in Portland. That experience could open up a whole new road to travel or rabbit whole hole to go down depending on how you perceive things.

The beautiful hand crafted jewelry was a big hit with the Head Tinker’s wife, you know faeries love shiny objects especially when there are vibrant colors intertwined in the mix. She didn’t leave Fernie Brae Gallery empty handed, maybe a little less coin but what is coin for if you can’t have things your heart desires?

If you are fortunate enough to make it to Fernie Brae Gallery in Portland, make sure you slow yourself down mentally enough to really take in this wonderful gallery for everything faery. If you are looking for miniature faery houses you will find them here also. The artist John Crawford really did a fantastic job of creating his whimsical yet very well made miniature faery house dwellings where faeries would love to call home. When you look at them, it may have you pondering how many countless hours did John poor out to make these delightful pieces of art. He certainly doesn’t cut any corners in his creations.

The Head Tinker plans to go back and spend more time to check out the different artist’s work displayed at Fernie Brae and if you love anything and everything faery, “Fernie Brae” is the road to faery. He hopes that you will get the chance to visit this very unique gallery as well.

Head Tinker signing off