Installing Stained Glass Flowers on the Fairy House

How To Install Stained Glass Flowers

Watch Billy demonstrate how you could mount the stained glass flowers using sculpting epoxy, brass tubing, and torque screws. There is a mention of rubber washers purchased at Ace Hardware to use in the stained glass flowers; however, the washers were not used on this installation simply because the rubber washer was a little to large to fit the holes in the stained glass flowers. You get to see the sculpting epoxy being applied in between stained glass flowers.

Billy cautions to be careful when snugging down the torque screw! If you tighten just a little to much, you will have a broken flower. Don’t fret though, just remove the flower and replace it with another. (By the way, you can put the broken flower back in the mold, place it in the kiln and re fire it at the tack setting and the flower will be as good as new.) So don’t throw your broken flowers away. Sometimes you can embed a broken pedal in the epoxy and use it that way.

Once this phase is done, it is a matter of putting a piece of tape over the torque screw and applying a ball of sculpting epoxy. Now you create your texture with the simple wire tool or your tool made with broom bristles and a rubber band. If your broom bristle tool gets some dried epoxy on it don’t throw it away. Sometimes the effects of a tool like this can create some really interesting random effects.

Billy mentions the name of sculpting epoxy, ‘307 lite’ by Poly Gem and that he has a video on how you can learn to mix the epoxy on his you tube channel, BillyDillardArt. The ‘307 lite’ sculpting epoxy was used for this installation but you can use other brand epoxies to accomplish the same end result.