Sculpting Faux Mushrooms Using Sculpting Epoxy

How To Sculpt Faux Mushrooms Using Sculpting Epoxy

The Fairy House now is equipped with one-of-a-kind handmade and hand-sculpted faux mushrooms. So I figured I would give you a quick description of how you might be able to make a few of these yourself using some simple tools and sculpting epoxy.

All kinds of things grow out in nature and in many shapes and sizes. Thanks to Mother Nature, no two seem to be exactly alike – kind of like each of us!. Thank goodness for the bounty that nature gives us. Making these faux mushrooms is a lot of fun and not difficult to do. It’s a matter of cutting out a blank chunk of cedar and giving the cedar a rough shape of the faux mushroom you wish to make.

Don’t let the grafting your blank cedar scare you. Billy notched out the limb and inserted the blank into the notch. Now it’s a matter of pre drilling the hole for the screw. It’s best to glue your blank into the notch using some of your sculpting epoxy then run in your screw. Now your ready to apply your epoxy to create your faux mushrooms.

What do you do now? Mix up your sculpting epoxy and apply a generous layer over your blank. Take your simple wooden sculpting tools and start creating. Try not to get technical here and stress yourself out. Just have fun, relax and start creating. Oh, by the way, a good reference of either a picture or one found in the woods on a tree can come in real handy.

Remember, you can't sculpt what you don’t know. Meaning if you haven’t sculpted faux mushrooms before without a good reference your working in the dark, not a good idea. Be random with your creations. The more variety in shapes and sizes the better.

Oh no I don’t like the looks of this one. The good thing is you can smooth it out as long as you still have working time. Remember to have fun and happy sculpting.