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Horrible Health Scare

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Saves the Life of My “Little Helper”

What do I mean, you ask? Let me explain the events that happened to the Head Tinker’s Little Helper.

My Little Helper (my eldest granddaughter, “Mo”) came down with the ‘flu’ going around. Her mother (my loving daughter) did everything a good mother would know to do to care for Mo.

Mo would get better and then the fever would raise its ugly head again. After a couple of weeks of this, her dad (my fantastic son-in-law and a loving father) said, ‘Lets take Mo to the doctor.’ Thank goodness they did! Mo’s outside appearance didn’t match the severity of what was going on inside. X-rays showed a very ill little girl! Those x-rays showed one of her lungs was almost completely wrapped and obscured by a wall of unwanted fluid and infection.

The doctor immediately arranged for Mo to be admitted to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. A tube was inserted through her side and into the wall of infection to allow the fluid to drain. Mo was in isolation for the first few days of her stay in the hospital room.

Mo spent a week in the hospital with IV liquid vitamins and minerals being given to her along with antibiotics to fight the massive infection. She underwent many tests and was on constant monitoring to bring Mo back to health. She was in a bad way and losing weight. She had no appetite to eat making her recovery additionally tough.

Mo’s mom stayed with Mo night and day at the hospital. What a terrible spot to be in as a mother, helpless to be able to take away the pain from her daughter, no power to heal her, but willing to do everything in her power to get her daughter back. The happy bright spirit that Mo is. I must say when my wife and I visited Mo in the hospital I was indeed concerned. This beautiful little girl was pale and missing that glow she normally has around her. My daughter told me that more than one of the doctors there told her that out of all the children they are seeing really ill with the flu/pneumonia, only the children who did not receive a flu shot were ending up admitted and in need of a chest tube to drain infection from their lungs.

Yes, I am writing about an actual event! I’m writing this for parents to really research this for themselves. Please, don’t think this won’t happen to you or your children. It is our responsibility to do the best we can for the little spirits who depend on us to keep them safe. Make a knowledgeable and wise decision. After seeing what happened to my loving little helper AKA my granddaughter,

I’m sure her mom and dad will make sure my little helper will get her annual flu shots in the future!

P.S. Mo is home now and she is getting better. The road to full recovery will be a long one for her. She is still on an IV machine she has to carry around for now. Her mom is monitoring her meals to make sure she gets over 1850 calories a day along with vitamins and minerals to get her health back. Grandpa is relieved and happy to see his little helper back home and getting better. I’m looking forward to have Mo back on the fairy house project to add her magic. Head Tinker wants to send out a big shout to Doernbecher hospital for taking such fantastic care of his little helper and her mom. Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much. Another big shout out to Mo’s mom and dad, you two are fantastic, loving and caring parents. Thank goodness this loving spirit has the nurturing, caring and protection a child wants and needs while growing up to become a positive energy the world is in dire need of.

At the end of the day its what you are willing to live with. Base your decision on Facts.

My daughter and son-in-law are living with the pain that maybe they should have gotten Mo to the doctors office sooner than they did. All decisions can be second-guessed after the outcome is known. The trick is to make the best decision one can after doing as much research as possible.

Reminder: These are decisions one lives with for the ‘rest of your life’.

Whether or not to get your children flu shots. So, hopefully, if you have children and grandchildren and you are on the fence to get a shot, this message will get you to make a decision you can live with comfortably the rest of your life and theirs!


Head Tinker signing out,

Billy Dillard