Fairy window

Stained Glass Window Installation

The flower fairy is so delighted to see the wonderful transformation.

Fairy house window

Fairy House Window

Take a look at the change that took place after the head tinker installed the stained glass flowers on the fairy house window. Finally, after months of Saturdays at Design Lite Studios in Portland Oregon working on the stained glass windows and flowers, the head tinker can see if what he created would live up to what he had envisioned.

Have you ever been working on a project and felt like you are in serious slow motion? Did you ever start doubting your decisions that led you to the point where you are?

The head tinker questioned how much more time and effort it would take to eventually lead to the transformation of the fairy house window. Sometimes even when you’re not sure what’s going to happen next in what you’re doing, you just have to take a leap of faith, and try. That day is here!

The head tinker is determined to install the stained glass flowers around the fairy house window and shock the flower fairy. After much thought on which would be the best way to achieve this task, the head tinker was off to the local hardware store to do some serious repurposing of acquired hardware. Next, it’s time to dive in and make things happen. The head tinker got his wishes granted; the magical power from the flower fairy is bestowed on him and the stained glass flowers bring the enchanted fairy house window to life

Stain Glass Flowers adorn fairy house window.


The particularly elusive, powerful gift of beautiful yet fragile stained glass flowers give a dramatic change from mundane to magical that the head tinker was searching for! The inhabitants who live here will have bright, beautiful flowers year round to enjoy when looking out the window. The flower fairy has indeed granted the magical gift needed to brighten this enchanted fairy house. So much so, that the head tinker now sees the risk was worth the reward and will add even more of these vibrant visual expressions from Mother Nature.


Head Tinker signing off.

Billy Dillard

Fairies Breaking Glass Flowers Again

Stain glass flowers to make in the work shop is what the head tinker had in mind.

Mischievous fairies were hard at work with what they had in mind!Another day at the workshop making stain glass flowers is what I had in mind, but the troublesome fairies had something totally different in store for the head tinker.

Sculptural stained glass flowers decorating the Enchanted Fairy House.

Sculptural stained glass flowers decorating the Enchanted Fairy House.

When I left class last Saturday, five flowers were cut, fitted and ready to fire in the kiln. Also, I brought home two flower samples for me to see how they would look — size and fit – around the window.

I get home and place the two stain glass flowers around the window, searching for the best placement and fit. What a beautiful transformation they will add to the fairy window! I’m thinking that there will need to be quite a few more glass flowers to please the sprightly fairies, and quite a few of the small white flowers. I can’t wait to get the next 5 flowers home and see how they’ll spark up the window!

While contemplating the two flowers I have so far, I ask myself what is the best and safest way to install all these flowers to keep the non-fairy souls from getting hurt by a naughty fairy causing a flower to break!  If a flower were to break, how do I make it so it doesn’t fall and possibly hurt a soul as the flower descends to the ground?

Now, fast forward to the present day

Today, after coming in to class, what was ready wasn’t quite what the head tinker had envisioned.  Two large stain glass flowers and one small flower had been fired, leaving two flowers undone or even in the kiln. Disappointment was trying to set in!

Here are the choices available:

1.    Be upset

2.    Shrug it off and move on

With some help from a good fairy in happy spirits, a suggestion was whispered in my ear to choose number two and move on.

Next task at hand was to file on the edges of the 2 sample flowers.  But oh those impish fairies jump in to do their part.  While filing on the small white flower, two petals pop off!  More disappointment.

The instructor gives me a demonstration on drilling a hole through the flower.  Seems easy enough, but now it’s my turn.  Guess what happens – yes, you guessed it! As I’m drilling, the flower broke. That is a total of 2 broken.  I’m certain the mischievous fairies are beside themselves with the havoc and misfortune they have bestowed thus far.  The day is young with much more time for calamity.

The head tinker decides to cut more glass to make another flower., but the bothersome fairy had something else in mind to cut…yes, time to cut the head tinker’s finger.  This is where one doesn’t give up, but simply gets with the program and moves forward.  Following some first aid, it’s back to work.

After cutting out the petals, the instructor said I could start making some stain  glass leaves.  The vexing fairies kicked in once again, bringing thoughts dancing through my head and those thoughts weren’t about sugarplums!

I’m thinking, “No way!  How long will that take?  How many will break only to have to be refired?  What would be the cost on that?  Wouldn’t it be faster and more cost effective to make them out of different material?  I like cost effective over saying cheaper.”  All of this is dancing around through my head.  So I ignored the suggestion of glass leaves and just finished out the day working on paper patterns for more flowers.

I really like my instructor and have no wish to hurt her feelings in any way.  None of what happened that day was her fault.  As far as the 5 stain glass flowers not being ready when I came in, I’m not the only student having items fired during the week and there is only so much room in each kiln.

The mean little fairies were not going to get the best of me.  Remember, you have a choice.  You get to decide to be upset or make the best of what comes your way.  Keep in mind that you don’t attract bees with vinegar.  I wonder if this pertains to fairies also?

I look forward to cutting out the leaves in metal, hammering in some shape and watching the forms emerge.  There will be some sculpting epoxy applied to help with the transformation into magical pieces as expressions of nature.

Now it’s time to relax at home, clear my mind and watch some inspirational movie for more ideas.


Head Tinker signing off,
Billy Dillard

Fairy Window Stained Glass Flowers

Designing the look of the fairy window.

Today I’m spending another great deal of time in front of the computer getting the bugs worked out to go live with this wonderful site about the creation of the enchanted fairy house and all it takes to make it come together. The fairy tinkers will be posting regularly about what is going on with the build.

faery flowers

Fairy Flower

At this very moment stain glass flowers to go around the fairy window are in the kiln cooling down. These beauties will brighten the area a bit when the fairies walk or fly up to it. The head tinker has been taking stained glass and fused glass classes from Design Lite Studios in Portland, Oregon.

Dog wood flowers were chosen for the reference model. The light colors and some pretty green leaves will really brighten up the fairy window opening. What do you think? It’s amazing to watch the transformation as this fairy house comes to life.

Time to feed animals that live here. The horse, Kick Start. The dog, Lee Lou. Four cats, Mocha, Burt, Precious and Ky KY. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside.  The head tinker is going to enjoy the sunshine while it’s out. I hope wherever you’re at, that you take time in your busy schedule to enjoy life.

Head Tinker, Billy Dillard signing off for now.