Glass flowers

Fairy Window Stained Glass Flowers

Designing the look of the fairy window.

Today I’m spending another great deal of time in front of the computer getting the bugs worked out to go live with this wonderful site about the creation of the enchanted fairy house and all it takes to make it come together. The fairy tinkers will be posting regularly about what is going on with the build.

faery flowers

Fairy Flower

At this very moment stain glass flowers to go around the fairy window are in the kiln cooling down. These beauties will brighten the area a bit when the fairies walk or fly up to it. The head tinker has been taking stained glass and fused glass classes from Design Lite Studios in Portland, Oregon.

Dog wood flowers were chosen for the reference model. The light colors and some pretty green leaves will really brighten up the fairy window opening. What do you think? It’s amazing to watch the transformation as this fairy house comes to life.

Time to feed animals that live here. The horse, Kick Start. The dog, Lee Lou. Four cats, Mocha, Burt, Precious and Ky KY. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside.  The head tinker is going to enjoy the sunshine while it’s out. I hope wherever you’re at, that you take time in your busy schedule to enjoy life.

Head Tinker, Billy Dillard signing off for now.