stained glass flowers

Stained Glass Window Installation

The flower fairy is so delighted to see the wonderful transformation.

Fairy house window

Fairy House Window

Take a look at the change that took place after the head tinker installed the stained glass flowers on the fairy house window. Finally, after months of Saturdays at Design Lite Studios in Portland Oregon working on the stained glass windows and flowers, the head tinker can see if what he created would live up to what he had envisioned.

Have you ever been working on a project and felt like you are in serious slow motion? Did you ever start doubting your decisions that led you to the point where you are?

The head tinker questioned how much more time and effort it would take to eventually lead to the transformation of the fairy house window. Sometimes even when you’re not sure what’s going to happen next in what you’re doing, you just have to take a leap of faith, and try. That day is here!

The head tinker is determined to install the stained glass flowers around the fairy house window and shock the flower fairy. After much thought on which would be the best way to achieve this task, the head tinker was off to the local hardware store to do some serious repurposing of acquired hardware. Next, it’s time to dive in and make things happen. The head tinker got his wishes granted; the magical power from the flower fairy is bestowed on him and the stained glass flowers bring the enchanted fairy house window to life

Stain Glass Flowers adorn fairy house window.


The particularly elusive, powerful gift of beautiful yet fragile stained glass flowers give a dramatic change from mundane to magical that the head tinker was searching for! The inhabitants who live here will have bright, beautiful flowers year round to enjoy when looking out the window. The flower fairy has indeed granted the magical gift needed to brighten this enchanted fairy house. So much so, that the head tinker now sees the risk was worth the reward and will add even more of these vibrant visual expressions from Mother Nature.


Head Tinker signing off.

Billy Dillard