Purchase The Fairy House

Yes, this functional sculptured art is available for purchase!


Why would you want to own this piece of paradise?

I searched far and wide for an inspirational, enchanted, magical, tiny house. Needless to say after lots of searching, no luck. So the head tinker stepped up to the challenge at hand, did the designing, figured out materials and started putting things together. As this little beauty started taking shape, the tinker got inspiration on creating more decor to make this truly a place that the lucky fairies will want to kick back and really relax.

Every child needs that special magical place to get away and dream. 

I remember mine being a tree house built from big wooden crates down by the railroad tracks at a warehouse not far from my home in Panama City, Florida. At twelve years old, I really didn’t have any training at building a magical get away place, but with enough determination, it is amazing what one can accomplish. After dismantling the crate, transporting it home on my wagon a piece at a time, using rope and will power to pull it up into the tree, and assembling each piece into my vision, I had my favorite getaway. A lot of time was spent there, just getting away from a troubled childhood and the monsters in that childhood, to spend time just easing my mind and dreaming of what I would like to be when I grew up. If it would have been possible to live in that tree house, I would have.

Now days, with all the news that is anything but good I wonder what goes on in child’s mind. Seems to me that they really need a special place to go relax and get away from their troubles, no matter what those troubles might be, to be able to dream of what they want to be when they grow up. A magical place that they love and inspires them to use their imagination would be beneficial for any child.

Do you have that strong desire to do something to help our future up and coming generation? If so, that is a very good reason to purchase the enchanted fairy house and use your imagination in various ways you might give children a chance at those special moments. They will reflect back on those special moments the rest of their lives and pass on to their future generations.

If you are someone who would relate this sculpture to something that could be made from a purchased storage shed for a lot less money, then you are at the wrong place. The fairy house is for someone who knows what they want, is willing to pay for quality and price is not always at the top of your list of considerations. It is for someone who is not willing to compromise what they want over a price. They realize the tinker didn’t compromise in any way bringing this piece of magic to reality. They realize a child needs to use their imagination and there isn’t too high a price you can put on that!

So how much?

If you would like to purchase this one of a kind enchanted fairy house (not another one exactly like it any where), you can have it now for $149,000. Yep, at that price, the sculpted door will be installed.

If you want to do your part in putting joy in a child’s heart and a big smile on their face, transforming their life in a positive way, then don’t hesitate! Go to the contact page and fill out required information then send to the head tinker and purchase this piece of sculpted wonder while it is still available or before the price goes up!

Thank you,

Head Tinker

Billy Dillard