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Fairy house building process. Check out the humble beginning of this magical tiny house.

Follow along with articles, pictures of the building process as it goes through many transformations.

Experience the magical transformation out of a repurposed cedar tree that had died on the property and now is reincarnated into this very special tiny home for fairies or gnomes.


Here is the fairy house once the framing and rough out work completed. Ready now for the roofing and siding to begin.






The top of the fairy house is to give you the feeling of a pine cone with the pedals at the beginning stage of opening to release their seeds.






Now we have branches, small mushrooms and the stem to adorn the top of the tiny house. It’s beginning to look like a place where fairies would love to live.






The fairies will need a window to watch the changing of the seasons. Watch the sun come up in the mornings. See the rain run off the sculptured wooden pedals.






The tiny house needed some color so adding some wood sculpture ivy leaves and metal sculpture for the vines and stems seems like the right thing to do. The vines are incapsulated in a sculpting epoxy to be able to give the vines an organic feel.






Enchanted Fairy House Stained Glass Window

Fairy House Gets Stained Glass Window Installed. Sometimes things take time and that is surely the case here. The tinker fairies finally got the stained glass window done and installed. I think it turned out beautiful and was worth the wait. What do you think? The Tinker has the fairy house door carved now. It’s a matter of doing some airbrushing to give it some color. He will be posting a picture soon. Also the head Tinker will be posting a video and a article on the blog post. If you haven’t went over to the blog post yet, take time to do so. There is some great how to’s there. Just go to the menu and click on Tinkers Blog.